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Fate, is an excuse for why we end up where we do!
Our 'Actions' predetermine our Destiny,
our 'Reactions' seal that fate!

* * *

One seed can start a garden
One candle can light a room
One step can begin a journey
One smile can lift a spirit
One conversation can start a friendship
One person can make a difference.

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On the dark side !

Rise of the spam people

Dead can dance




My Micheal Myers 

Cupple of serpant pic's i was playing around with

Ghosly Saz

                             This was my first go at making a ghostly image, and my friend saz was
                                                    Unlucky in becoming my first victim.
 Ghosly Image 


                                                               Not your tipical vampire

I made this picture using poser and Photoshop, this was the project that made me realise what you can   actually do with a click of a mouse button.This was also my first attempt at a demon/vampire type figure.

 Realisation was my attempt at the dual role a person would play if they were turned into a vampire. Like   looking into a mirror and seeing what you have become. 

                  Tormented was a picture that just kind of fell together when I was playing with Photoshop.

                                                                       Dark legion 

Dark legion was also one that fell from nowhere when experimenting in good old Photoshop. It’s kind of weird but I like it.